Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So, a LOT has changed...

I always admire those who actually keep up their blogs, and I really enjoy reading the blogs.  So often with a busy life, reading blogs is one of the quickest ways to feel somewhat connected to people.  All of that being said, I thought that I would try again to work on a blog.  As you can see, my last blog post on June 11th, 2009.  Would you believe that date is exactly 4 years ago yesterday!
So, a LOT has changed since that post.  Jordan and I are still the owners of two furry friends - Mollee & Buddy.  However, they are no longer hold the center stage around our house.  Nope, in January of this year, we welcomed into the world Miss Julia Anne.  She was born on January 20th at 12:26pm at the Allen Birthing Center, and since then our lives as we knew them, have never been the same.
Now, I am in the process of doing what many of my friends already seem to do quite expert-like.  I am a full-time stay-at-home mom.  I still do cooking shows a couple nights/days a week and run my Pampered Chef business from home.  But now, I work when Miss Julia allows me the time.  I try to cook at least five nights a week;  I would like to do better on the weekends...  I am hoping to blog more about money saving tips as far as eating goes, and I hope that blogging helps to keep me accountable to theses principles.
So this blog post is a little mish-mashed;  the posts in the future should be a bit better...  So for fun, below are some pics of our little girl from the past few months.

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