Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Fabulous Deal...

So, if you are like me, you are on the lookout for great deals. Well I just received an email from a friend letting me know about this deal- Thank you Lisa :) I just got done placing an order and saving a bunch of money.

This is true! I just ordered some stuff, and the $7.50 coupon code worked too!

Nordstrom is changing the logo on their makeup, so they're selling everything for one dollar on line. The make-up line E.L.F. (eyes-lips-face) has been bought out by Nordstrom and will be re-packaged with the Nordstrom name on it. They are getting rid of the entire make up in the ELF packaging. They are selling everything for $1. You do have to pay shipping. They have everything powder,mascara, lipstick, a mineral line, brushes etc. The website is
When you check out there is a space for a coupon code. Use " CAROLINA " and save an additional $7.50 if your order is over $15.00.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sorry, I haven't been around...

Sorry, I haven't been around much, at least in the blogging world. I thought that I would try to do a bit better. I have a little free time on my hands and thought that I would update my blog. I know that it has been awhile, so I thought that I might do one long blog post.

Last night was my first night of packing before Jordan and I move. My dear friend Courtney came over and helped me pack- such a great help! We were able to pack up a bunch of specialty cooking items that I will most likely not need during the next month as well as a whole bookshelf of books. We packed up at least eight boxes. I realized after she left how much work this packing business is going to entail. Jordan and I have moved one other time. It was from our first apartment in Dallas to our current apartment in Plano. That was a difficult move but I think this one is going to be a bit harder. Jordan is in grad school, we both work full time day jobs, and I do Pampered Chef parties in the evenings... Packing doesn't easily fit into this schedule. So, all of the above being said, let's get on to some fun pictures...

Living in Texas means that it is imperative that everyone of your children and in our case dogs must have their pictures taken in the Texas Bluebonnets. After taking what felt like 100 pictures these two were what we thought were the best ones...On a side note, Buddy and Mollee are in Dog Training. We take them every Thursday and will be continuing these classes through the second Thursday in July. I think that Buddy and Mollee especially like the treats for trainning aspect of this.

As many of you know, Jordan and I are building our first house. Below are some more recent pictures of the progress. We are very excited about our first house! The lastest that we could close would be July 10th and earliest that we could close would be June 24th. The days are really sneaking up on us. The first picture was taken on May 24th. Lonna took this picture of Jordan and me in front of the house. The second and third pictures were taken on May 29th. The granite had been installed and the lot had been grated.

This week, the tile is supposed to be done in the entry, dining, and kitchen areas. Also, the fence-posts are to be put in. Preparations are to be started for the sprinkler system as well. Everything is coming along sooo quickly.

Lonna & Milton (my in-laws) celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary on May 27th. As our gift for them, we set up a table on their back patio and cooked and prepared for them a beautiful dinner on the following Saturday. After this experience, Jordan and I decided to keep our day jobs and not go into the catering business...

I will try to do better and post more often...we will see how long that lasts.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This Crazy Mixed Up World...

As many of you already know, Jordan and I are in the process of building a home. See if you can see the craziness of my story.

So, here is my story from yesterday. Jordan and I have been pre-approved by the preferred mortgage company that the builder we are using recommends. We were a little disappointed with the closing fees, and so we decided to look at the bank that he has been banking with for 8+ years and I have been banking with for 4+ years, thinking that we could get better closing fees through them.

We are COMPLETELY debt free. We don't owe a penny to anyone. We both have amazing credit (I have a 788 credit score and his is 786). We never miss a payment on any bills, etc... We will put down in cash at least 10% upon closing of this house. We can swing all of the bills including the mortgage on his income alone. In other words, we are doing really good. We have budgeted most of our almost 5 years of marriage and we don't buy things that we cannot afford.

So, all of the above being said. Jordan and I were denied the loan at our bank yesterday because my husband has never had any credit. That means, he has never had to pay any loans. He was fortunate to have parents that paid for his education and his used car, which we are still using (we don't buy new things). His parents really planned for their kiddos. They don't live above their means; they actually live below their means.

The bank would love it if it was just me they were considering on the loan because Jordan and I have completely paid off all of my student loans. I had to get one every semester for four years of college. I also have a store credit card which I haven't used in over a year, but I paid it off when I did use it. We only have one credit card to our name and we pay it off every month (we like using it to get points for hotels and plane tickets). Anyway, they are saying that we will be able to apply for a FHA (which is for people with bad credit or no credit at all) loan and not just the standard loan through them.

For those of you who have kids and are planning on paying for college and their cars etc... Do this, somehow, have them pay (have them take out a loan) and then pay it back immediately in their name. If you do this, they will at least have some lines of credit. When they are ready to purchase their first home, etc... at least they will have some established credit.

So, we are being "punished" for my husband who has not ever had any debt to his name. It is a mess. We are definitely learning through all of this.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Project Build Picture...

Above you will see a picture of Jordan and me on our lot of dirt. It is amazing to think that a house will supposedly be in this picture in just 5-6 months! One thing that was pretty cool about the day that was captured in this picture, is the fact that we got to meet our neighbors. Let me rephrase that, "We got to meet our only neighbors." Since this is a fairly new area we only have one set of neighbors across the street from us. They were super sweet! They are a young married couple with a little daughter.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Project BUILD!!

Time for some big news! Jordan and I took the plunge! Yesterday, we put down money on a plot of dirt... Don't worry, it won't be dirt for long! We are building a beautiful home in Wylie that we will have plenty of room to grow into. We have been looking into doing this and saving for quite some time. We are very excited about this new adventure! It is estimated that it will be about 5-6 months for it to be finished; so, we should be in the new house by June or July! It is so crazy; I don't feel old enough to be getting house... We are already scheduling meetings to choose our bricks for the house, and we have to know by today what upgrades to the building process we need to make. I can't wait till it is built!

Click on "K. Hov" under "My Favorite Places to Go" to see the house that we are building. Once you click on the above link, do the following:

Click on "First Floor." Click on "select your options" in the right area of the screen and choose: study, corner fireplace, covered patio

Click on "Second Floor." Click on "select your options" in the right area of the screen and choose: Bedroom 5/Bath 3, Bath 3 Window

Now you can see what our home looks like on paper!

Denver, CO

Last Wednesday, I got on a plane and headed over to Denver, CO. As you know, I am a Pampered Chef Consultant. This year, our Leadership Conference was held in Denver, CO. Traveling to Denver was so much fun! I learned some wonderful news about some up and coming promotions that the Pampered Chef is offering! I also got to see all of the fabulous new Spring/Summer product that will be available to purchase on March 1st! I can't wait till March. I will be doing a "Last Chance, First Glance" party in February for all of my past hosts. This will be an opportunity for everyone to purchase any soon to be retiring products as well as sample the new recipes and look at all of the new products! It will be great! I will post pictures soon of some of the wonderful sights in Denver.