Sunday, January 8, 2017

Rocking and Praying

Our family has had a busy start to the new year.  Last weekend, we actually welcomed in the New Year from Louisiana.  We went to Columbia, Louisiana to visit my grandma and her husband.  It was a very special time.  It was the first time for Joshua to meet his great grandma.  There were many snuggles and kisses had by all.  Below are some precious photos that we were able to get.  It was rainy for most of the weekend, so we enjoyed staying indoors and visiting in the warmth.  Saturday evening we were treated to some amazing fried catfish!  On Sunday, we went to church with my grandma and Alton and then we headed back home to Wylie.

Now, on to the title of this post.  Of late, I have had such a heavy heart.  I have dear friends that are going through so much pain.  I have started writing down prayer requests so that I keep up with who I need to be praying for.  Honestly, sometimes it feels like the list keeps growing and nothing is getting answered.  I know in my heart that this isn't true, but it really feels that way at times.  I have a friend, who is as close as a sister that is battling some really tough and ugly stuff in her life, and it seems at least so far that nothing that she is doing is working in this situation.  It hurts so bad to watch her go though these deep, dark waters.  This friend is a strong Christian, and I can tell that this is wearing on her.  I have another friend who is now watching her husband battle health issues, and not small issues.  These are just two of the numerous situations that are going on with people that I know personally.  We are talking hard, scary stuff.  My prayer list just gets longer and longer.  I believe that God is good.  I believe that that everything works for good for those that love the Lord.  Man, sometimes, it is impossible to see this though.  Honestly, it isn't promised that we will ever see it at least not here in this life, which really, really stinks. In the past weeks, I have found myself, crying over these dear friends that are in so much pain over things that are COMPLETELY out of their control.  

Joshua is 7 months old.  He wakes every night between 2-3 am.  I am blessed with a husband that takes turns with me on who gets up with Joshua when he wakes.  On my turns, I get up with Joshua and I make him a bottle and I feed him and wrap him and rock him back to sleep.  This process takes about 45 minutes, and while I am doing this, I silently pray over each person on my prayer list.  I shed a few tears and pray hard.  I don't exactly enjoy waking up to feed a little one in the middle of the night, but I feel such peace as we rock and pray.